P Park Safety


We at P Park are commited to creating a safe environment for all employees, customers, and visitors to our facility. Employees, customers, and visitors to our facilities are provided with and expected to use personal protective equipment such as hard hats, gloves, safety vests, and protective eye wear to help keep them safe throughout their work activities.

Annually, our employees go through a rigorous training regiment focused on the celebration of safety successes and the development of new policies and procedures for any adversities that arise. Training topics include safe operations, equipment safety, personal safety, public safety, and agency compliance, and includes an open forum for employees and management to communicate with each other to collaborate on solutions to any safety issues that present a concern to either party.

Annual training also includes practical “hands-on” sessions entailing thorough site walk throughs with the entire staff at our facility, detailed inspection of all pieces of heavy equipment, running all equipment to ensure maximum efficiency, fall protection training, housekeeping, and standard operation and procedure (S.O.P) generation for each operation.

To add an extra layer of safety to our operations, we also require all of our vendor truckers to go through a “Vendor Trucking Safety Orientation” that details our various safety policies, outlines terms of compliance, and lists consequences that will be enforced for non-compliance. The orientation form can be found here.