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To provide for a sustainable redevelopment which reconnects the neighborhoods, businesses and community assets in a responsible manner.

RECLAMATION is the process of reclaiming something from loss or from a less useful condition.”

P. Park NJ is committed to returning the 80 acres which once provided valuable construction aggregate to the metropolitan area into a development consistent with the current Prospect Park Master Plan that will enhance adjacent neighborhoods, businesses, parks, community centers and schools.

P. Park NJ is committed to work with nationally recognized professionals that are trained experts in developing a sustainable mixed use plan that will be complimentary to the existing character of Prospect Park. P. Park NJ is committed to the project being environmentally and economically beneficial for future generations to enjoy a secure and vibrant lifestyle.

P Park NJ is currently working with a nationally recognized planner, Bernard Zyscovich, to develop a plan consistent with the existing Master Plan for Prospect Park. P. Park NJ looks forward to presenting these plans to the community in the near future.